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Long Live True Metal!

Gird your loins brave internet explorer, you've stumbled into the realm of SUBTERRANEAN STEEL, where opinions about old school metal are like the poisoned darts, spiked floor traps, and swinging axe blades of a poorly devised dungeon that can be escaped with the mere click of a back button. Here, I'll regale you with subjective opinions and baseless claims about the quality of this-or-that piece of music while encouraging you to buy things, boycott stuff, or ultimately just make up your own mind.


It's really up to you, I'm just a dude with a blog.


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The only thing I enjoy more than making Spotify playlists is spamming you with them.

I have an OCD thing about building huge, comprehensive collections of what I believe to be the best music on Spotify, and I do it within thinly sliced, ultra-specific metal subgenres. Yeah, they're niche, but are they any good? Hell if I know.


Check out the playlists below and follow me on Spotify to see what I'm currently rocking to.

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